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How orders are processed

What happens when an order is placed

Gmail Users: Please check your spam folder for our emails us we have found that our emails from Plants4Sale are being diverted to Junk Mail.

  • Step 1

    Order is placed and sent to the seller

  • Step 2

    The seller confirms the plant is available and advises on the shipping costs.

  • Step 3

    An invoice is sent ot the buyer with banking details

  • Step 4

    Buyer makes payment and confirms closest PostNet.

  • Step 5

    Plants are shipped to the buyer


We will be in contact via email as soon as we have processed your order.

The price below is only for your order of plants and does not include shipping. 

We will confirm the shipping fees and add them  to the cost of your order.
Please be aware that if multiple suppliers have been selected it might increase the shipping fees.

The email will also include the banking details for EFT payment.

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